Smokey Sweet Potato Hash

I am obsessed with sweet potatoes, particularly when they are cooked up with onions. The onions get all caramelized and the smoked paprika that I add just makes them mouth-watering. If you want to try my way of making them, check out this recipe:




1.5 lbs Organic Sweet Potatoes

1 Large Organic Onion

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Tbsp Smoked Paprika

1 Tbsp Garlic Powder

Himalayan Sea Salt (To Taste)

South African Smoke Seasoning by Trader Joe’s (optional but awesome)


1. Chop sweet potatoes into bite size pieces to your own preference. 

2. Dice onions. 


3. Heat olive oil in a large pan over medium heat. 


4. Add sweet potatoes and onion.


5. Season with smoked paprika, garlic, sea salt, and smoke seasoning. 


6. Cook over low to low-medium heat, stirring periodically. I like to cook everything at a low temperature to avoid it sticking to the pan. 



7. Cook until your larger pieces of sweet potato are fork-tender. 


8. Enjoy!

Below is a photo of my post-workout meal today! Sweet potato hash, cherry tomatoes, green beans, pea protein burger from Trader Joes, drizzle of Green Goddess dressing from Trader Joes. Totally added lots of Jalepeno hot sauce to this after I photographed it.