Sulee's Maternity Shoot at a Washington Waterfall


We first met Sulee in February of this year, on a hike at this very waterfall off Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. It was our first time meeting up with anyone since moving to Seattle; before this Adam and I had just been hiking and and snowshoeing together. Sulee and I had just became ambassadors for the same hiking group and wanted to meet face to face and get to know each other. At the time Adam and I had just purchased our first full-frame camera, the Nikon D750 that we still shoot with today. We walked three snowy miles each way to see a gorgeous waterfall, while we all chatted and Adam captured candid shots of Sulee and me. Sulee told us that she and her fiancé, Riz, were planning a wedding and a vacation to Maui. We loved getting to talk to her about Hawaii because we had just moved from there not even six months prior. It was an amazing day. 

Fast forward to this past weekend: Sulee and Riz are happily married and expecting their first child! A sweet baby girl named Ellie that is predicted to be born on the same day as me, December 23rd, but we will see about that! It was so special to have the opportunity to go back to the place that we met Sulee and take some beautiful maternity shots of her. We have been daydreaming about shooting this waterfall at sunrise ever since we saw it for the first time way back when it was covered in ice and snow. It definitely did not disappoint.




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All images were shot and edited by Jessica Steinhilber and Adam Cheek.