3 Favorite Apps to Create Insta Stories

Adam + I are often asked what apps we use to edit our photos and video on Instagram, so I figured I would share our top three with you! Just to be clear, we usually do most of our photo editing on Lightroom, at least to adjust exposures and colors. But these apps are great for a few creative touches or just to create content straight from your phone. 



I love VSCO for creating GIFs. Rather than the boomerang that just bounces back and forth, the GIF replays a 2 second video in a loop at a low frame rate, creating a really cool vintage look that I LOVE! VSCO also allows you to edit photos and has some awesome filters, but I tend to use the next app for editing photos on my phone. 


2. Snapseed

Snapseed is my hands-down favorite cell phone editing app. I've tried using Lightroom Mobile and I find it to be extremely annoying to navigate and apply the edits I want. Snapped, however, is so awesome and it is FREE! My favorite tools are the Grainy Film filters, the Curve, and the Selective editing tool. Just be careful because with all of these tools available, it's easy to over-edit with this app. Oh and you can also create your own presets on here! I love Snapseed!



My current obsession. I love creating videos using this camcorder app. It creates such a nostalgic feel that reminds me of my childhood. I really like how the app washes out colors and detail a bit, forcing the viewer to focus more on the content than the perfection of the shot. Be advised, they're charging $5/week for this bad boy. It's worth it if you create a lot of story content, otherwise it's pretty steep. 

What are your favorite apps for creating content on instagram?