Misty Capri by prAna

The perfect leggings for hiking are an illusive unicorn that I hear women talking about in person, on Instagram, and outdoor groups on Facebook. I don’t know that I found the perfect pair, but I’ve come pretty close with the Misty Capri by prAna. My primary reason for choosing prAna, other than their great designs, was the ethics and sustainability of their company. They are partnered with bluesign to ensure that their fabrics meet the highest human safety and environmental standards. This means that even bright colored leggings like these didn’t use air or water polluting dyes to make them that way. Amazing!

I get so many compliments on these leggings. I think part of the reason is because they fit so well. They have a wide waistband with a hidden key pocket and synched fabric in the back to keep them up whether you're walking, running, or climbing. The fabric is polyester, nylon, and lycra and creates a tighter compression fit. These leggings fit me a little smaller than other prAna leggings of the same size, but in a good way. They are “classic rise” which translates into what I would consider on the higher end, right at my belly button. The detail on the fabric though… the texture looks beautiful but my favorite part is the seams. They are SO solid and I love the seam that cuts vertically down the back of my legs. It is so flattering. They come in five different colors and are priced at $69 BUT right now prAna is having their garage sale so they are only $34.50!! Heres a link to their website. They are also available at REI, where I purchased them. Get yourself a pair!