Living the dream.

I feel like the first mountain chose me, and I owe her my life! Hawaii, the big island called me home almost 7 years ago. Strange concept considering I was Oregon born and raised. From someone who started off with big hopes and dreams of being the next Ansel Adams, I had found myself distracted, defeated, and having been through several rehabilitations due to self medicating to cope with being a very "sensitive" person in a horribly corrupt world. I was finally ready to start my awakening and that's when the big island called me home! The big island showed me this place, our planet, is truly alive and breathing! She showed me the most beautiful and spiritually powerful wonders! Waves that come thousands of miles to break on her shores that become masterpieces, to the weathered canyons hiding secret waterfalls that speak right to your soul. But then she released me to grow even more. I knew it was my time to come back to the northwest but I didn't know how or why!? But before she sent me away she gave me the best gift of all, Jessica!         

 It was 9 months ago we moved to the PNW and dove head first into changing our lives for the better: transitioned to a plant based diet, stopped drinking, rediscovered our love of photography, and decided to spend every free moment exploring the outdoors. Our photos naturally became about making you really feel like you are a part of the experience, so that you'll ultimately want that for yourself! Here we are now, about to start the most exciting journey of our lives together. Pursuing our passion for the outdoors, photography, minimalism, veganism, and everything else that makes life worth living for us. Moving home to be with family and build a simple, yet at the same time incredibly exciting, life together. I couldn't be happier to be adventuring through this life together creating and inspiring others to do the same!

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