Becoming our best selves.

Hey guys,

If you ever watch mine or Adam’s Instagram stories, you’ve probably noticed us making a big fuss about food. We love food. Over the past six months we have been making a serious effort to improve our lives. When we were living in Hawaii, we got to a place where we were eating lots of heavy sushi (lots of cream cheese), ribs, BBQ chicken, wings, hamburger, egg, etc…. All sorts of foods that despite tasting delicious, were making us fat, lazy, and unhappy. Once we moved to the PNW we decided that we wanted to make a change and start living a life that made us happier. We chose to approach this task by changing our diet… and the results have been amazing.

It wasn’t overnight that I came to the realization that a plant based whole foods diet was not only what was best for the planet, but it was best for my health. I have been on a steady quest for information about nutrition since I was in college. I’m the type of person that is willing to try anything in the name of self-improvement, so I have given almost every mainstream way of eating a try: from low-carb paleo to high-carb vegan. I can tell you hands-down that a plant-based diet gives me more clarity, energy, vitality, and peace than any other way of eating. I don’t feel deprived missing animal products and I don’t feel guilty about causing harm to another living being to feed my appetite.

Adam has made the transition to a plant-based diet a little more gradually than I have. In fact, I never expect him to fully give up animal products. Its asking a lot for a person to completely change their way of eating, even if you feel like it would benefit them. But as we’ve started eliminating foods like cheese, beef, poultry, and pork, there is no denying the change we see in ourselves and each other. We feel better and look better. Top that off with being SURE to drink lots of water that has been filtered to remove fluoride, avoiding alcohol except a beer or two on the weekends, and spending as much time as possible outdoors and we are well on our way to becoming the people that we know we are on the inside: healthy, happy, aware, awake, and connected.

We have LOTS of thoughts on the way that the system and Western society has functioned to create a population of sick people that work their lives away to foster a false sense of security for the future and/or buy things that don’t make them happy. What we have been told about nutrition, among many other things, is wrong and orchestrated by large corporations in conjunction with government agencies like the FDA to trick us into buying food-like products. They are getting rich off us buying soda and eating pork. Period. And we are destroying our home (earth) in the process.

Sound rant-ish? Or are you curious as to what the hell I’m talking about? I recommend starting with documentaries. 90 minutes and you can learn the gist of several books without dedicating (at first) too much of your time to research. I would consider What the Health to be the absolute best documentary in terms of understanding how nutrition affects our health. This documentary was eye opening for me even despite the fact that I had watched every other documentary on this list first. It is available on Vimeo for purchase and will hopefully be on Netflix soon! Cowspiracy is made by the same duo and is available on Netflix, it just focuses more on the environmental issues associated with using animal products. Oh! And if you haven’t watched 13th on Netflix yet, DO IT. It will change the way you see this country.

Here is a list of resources that have helped me most in what I like to think of as a period of awakening in my life. If even one of these items helps you in your journey to improve your life, that is why I wrote this. Enjoy and be well <3


What the Health

Food, Inc (Netflix)

Cowspiracy (Netflix)

Fed Up (Netflix)

Forks Over Knives (Netflix)

King Corn

13th (Netflix)

Youtube Channels

Infinite Waters (General Guidance)

Shir Levi (General Guidance)

High Carb Hannah (Health, Recipes, Weight Loss)

The Microvore Diet (Health, Science of Veganism)

Liv’s Healthy Life (Recipes)

The Honest Guys (Meditation)


The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Singer

The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live by Marth Beck

Shadows Before Dawn by Teal Swan

10% Happier by Dan Harris



Rich Roll Podcast

Rewild Yourself (definitely not vegan but discusses really awesome topics)