It's in this place..this state of awareness and connectedness with my surroundings that I begin to think, to have so many more original thoughts.. Very clear perspective can be achieved in this dynamic sensory experience..getting outside into nature isn't my past time, it's my body's chance to create and express...I choose to do that through hiking and photography recently..Other ways of expression are snowboarding, snow shoeing, cross county skiing, etc...basically anything that gets you outside and engages you...allow time for this in your life and it will transform you.
   It was a choice my girlfriend and I made and stuck to..Getting outside to adventure at every opportunity. It was a choice along with getting back to more whole grains, plant based diet,  less meat(often none) and almost no's been such a harmonious balance between getting outside and putting better nutrition into our bodies.  We both look and feel much better, are more aware, and quite literally are operating on what feels like a slightly higher level of conciousness.

    The real medicine has become the food we put into our bodies and the activities enjoyed in the great outdoors. I find myself eating on average at least one avocado if not a couple. Several bananas, lots of fruit in our smoothies from Costco (because eating good should never have to be "expensive")  I find my body, and when I say body I mean my entire being craving a giant salad that ends up having everything in it! From a good mixed greens that include arugula, spinach, to green onions, onions, avocado, peppercinis, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chicken or fish(or no meat to keep very active and light) black beans, garbanzo beans, ground red pepper, balsamic vinegar, balsamic salad dressing or olive oil...basically all the things we think aren't important, that we think of as extras, are actually the most essential for our minds to be operating at full capacity...
  Our focus has been so simple, make sure we're putting as good of nutrients as we can the majority of the time into our bodies, remain active, and go to new places to see all the amazing wonders of our world...anything like weight loss, increased energy level, higher mental awareness, and opportunities in our life are becoming byproducts of an original path we set out we press on, to the next adventure, to meet new friends, see new places! Join Jessica and myself for what's looking like the beginning of a life long adventure that I've never been so excited to be a part of!