Bucket List

One of the most valuable things that I have learned in my life is the power of our thoughts and intentions. I believe that we all create our own reality. 

This makes goal setting and visualization key in achieving what you want. Recently I came across a blog called Birkeland Life where it's creator has posted her bucket list. She actively adds to it and crosses items off as she accomplishes them. I love this idea! 

I hope that my bucket list serves to inspire you to create your own like Jaquelyn's did for me. I also hope that posting mine here inspires me to keep crossing things off!  ☺️


Jess's Bucket List 

1. Write a book. 

2. Hike the Kalalau Trail on Kauai. 

3. Travel the country in a van. 

4. Visit at least one National Park in every state. 

5. See the Grand Canyon.

6. Go to Machu Pichu. 

7. See the Northern Lights. 

8. Explore Iceland. 

9. Start a YouTube channel. 

10. See rhinos is the wild.

11. See the pyramids at Giza.

12. Visit the Vatican. 

13. Go to Barcelona to see Gaudi's architecture.

14. Go to Australia. 

15. Learn to free dive. 

16. Stand up on a surf board. 

17. Go downhill skiing. 

18. Become a yoga instructor.

19. Learn to rock climb. 

20. Jump out of an airplane. 

21. Go to Greece. 

22. Go to Mount Shasta. 

23. See Glastonbury Tor.

24. See Stonehenge. 

25. See castles! 

27. Go to Zion. 

28. Go to Banff National Park.

29. Visit Costa Rica. 

30. See the Bolivian salt flats. 

.... and I want to document all of it with photos and video. 

Stay tuned. ❤️